Pros and Cons of Using Portable Generators

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Pros and Cons of Using Portable Generators

Your source of energy in your home is integral. This is the epicenter where you will derive power that facilitates numerous activities within your residence. Importantly, your source of energy is used in lighting and cooking activities, they rely heavily on energy. Portable generators are used to provide energy in your home. These engine driven equipment are used in generation of power. Portable generators vary in their mode of operation. The two types of portable generators are gasoline generators and diesel driven generators. It is essential to know the Pros and cons for portable generator to be able to use them effectively.


Pros of Using Portable Generators

1. Power source

Portable generators are your preferable source of power. The output of power which is generated in watts is dynamic on quantity. This depends on the voltage that your generator produces. You have a choice in which you can purchase your small portable generator to emit 348Watts or you may buy the large ones that produce large amounts of power in the range of 1kWatts.


2. Can be used for camping

Camping being an outdoor activity that is carried out for leisure purposes can be restrictive when you go to a place without supply of energy. Your portable generator provides you with the solution to such a problem. This is attributed to the fact that it can be moved from one place to another thereby, ensuring that when you are out there in the jungle camping, you have a source for lighting and cooking.


3. Multi-purpose power supply

Your portable generator can be used in several ways. It can be used in the homestead for lighting and cooking. In addition, it can be used to carry out farm activities such as producing power for different machines. For instance, it can be used to pump water to the sprinklers in the farm.


4. Back-up supplies of energy


Portable generators can be used as back-up to the other sources of power in your home. You may experience power outages due to accidents or faulty operation from your electrical power source station. In these occasions, the availability of a portable generator in your residence will ensure that all activities are continually performed without disruption.


Cons of Using Portable Generator

1. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Generators burn fuel in their engines to facilitate energy production. In the conversion of the fuel energy to current, carbon monoxide is generated. This is dangerous when the generator is enclosed within buildings as it may result into breathing problems and in fatal cases may cause death.


2. Can cause electrocution.

Incorrect handling of your portable generator can cause electrocution. By operating your portable generator whereas not following recommended procedures for its operation, it may result in shocks to you or another person. In extreme cases the generator may cause electrocution, thus, great care should be taken while operating it to avoid such accidents.


3. Dangerous to children

Generators are dangerous equipment when placed in an open place in your homestead. This is because children will perceive it as a toy that they could use in playing games. Just like any other fuel driven equipment, there may be an accidental spillage of gasoline or diesel. By the strike of a match box a fire may spread injuring children playing with the equipment.


Your portable generator is an equipment that will facilitate the supply of power in your home. However, caution should be taken on where you should place it especially where children are concerned. Moreover, it requires regular inspection to prevent fuel leaks when in use. The pros and cons for portable generator can be particular depending on the size of the home and the capacity that you will purchase for your home’s use.


Proper storage and correct usage will prevent fatal accidents as stated above. This applies to both adults and children. Upon purchasing your portable generator, it is imperative to first read the operational manuals to familiarise yourself with running the equipment. Additionally, you may ask the attendants at the store of purchase to guide you through the parts of the equipment and its operation. In case you forget you could make reference to the manual. Lastly, choose a generator panel that has enough branch circuits in relation to your generators power generation capacity.

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